How to create anchor links in Chat Funnels

Sometimes our page is simply a long page with all the content placed from top to bottom. These are called “One Page”. In this case if we want to create Chat Funnel buttons that direct the user to a specific section of the web, we will only have to create the anchor and add the […]

Social Feed Gallery: The best Instagram WordPress plugin?


Social Feed Gallery is an excellent plugin that allows you to easily integrate your Instagram account with WordPress. Let’s have a closer look at what this plugin has to offer and why it’s one of the best Instagram WordPress plugins. Why use an Instagram WordPress plugin? With more than 2 billion active users, Instagram is […]

Joinchat, work in progress

You have asked us for a chatbot, and a solution to create funnels. What if we give you everything together? Looking at our photos from the last WordCamp EU in Porto you might think that we just ate, drank and had fun with friends, but we were also working… a little bit. It was there […]

Translating Joinchat configuration using WPML

WPML is one of the most used multilingual plugin in WordPress. It has a plugin called “WPML String Translation” that you will need to have installed in order to translate strings. What will we achieve by translating Joinchat with WPML? are translated into the other languages available on the site, including the header text of […]

Svachat ceases to provide service

Today we have been informed by Svachat of the cessation of service, so we have proceeded to withdraw from sale our Add-on connection with Svachat. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause to users of this ChatBots creator.

Cross selling with Joinchat

Venta cruzada con Joinchat

We are going to tell you how we have implemented a simple cross-selling system with our Joinchat plugin, improving the average purchase ticket and helping users to easily find a product that may be differential for them and perhaps they have overlooked.

CSS Tricks for Joinchat

Little CSS and PHS tricks to further customize our Joinchat plugin. Change the look of Joinchat by adding some styles in your theme’s stylesheet or from Appearance> Customize> Additional CSS

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