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Until now one of the most common ways to capture leads was by using popups and email forms. The problem is that these leads are complex to get, because nobody likes to fill out forms, or get spammed, inboxes are saturated and email marketing conversion levels are very low.

Live chat tools try to solve this problem, but finally they end up being part of it, since the only thing you will get and with luck, will be the email of a user, who closes your page bored of waiting and disappears.

WhatsApp is a breath of fresh air right now, because it has built a system that protects the user from the bad practices of some, but gives companies the opportunity to talk to customers on the platform where they do it with friends and family, the tool that even your grandmother knows how to use.

WhatsApp leads are 6 times more valuable than email or phone leads because the open and conversion rate is around 80%. If you have any questions, try our free plug-in and convince yourself.

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