Chat Funnels

Create lead capture, qualification or support funnels by simulating conversations with a chatbot.

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Improve customer experience

Chatbots and funnels are the perfect autonomous assistants. They take care of answering frequently asked questions, help users get to the right place in less time. They are also effective in getting the user to contact the right person. And they do this across all your contact channels, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Don’t limit yourself to text

In our Chat Funnels you can use Markdown to insert all kinds of content in the chatbot, from static images and animated gifs, video, links and buttons, Calendly Widget, embed external content, even random text strings.

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Copy, duplicate, translate, share

Each ChatFunnel is independent, so you can create as many as you need. Then using a shortcode {CHAT 123} you decide on which pages, products, categories or zones of your website they will appear.

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Our Chat Funnels are built with Yalm and Markdown code, ChatGPT4* is able to interpret them easily. You can ask it to translate them, generate new variations, improve the copy, etc.

*This is not a feature included in Joinchat.

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Joinchat offers an optimal contact solution for your users

Companies around the world are using it successfully, and there are more of us every day.

To ensure that you get the most out of all the features of our plugin, we have prepared a detailed technical documentation where you will find guides, tips and answers to frequently asked questions.

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❝ Joinchat gave us a huge boost in our objectives and the best thing is that the result was almost instantaneous. ❞
Juan Pablo Alvarez
Business Manager, Las Balsas

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