How to send a WhatsApp message to someone without saving their number

WhatsApp is arguably one of the most popular messaging applications on the planet. And the reason for its staggering popularity lies in its sheer simplicity. WhatsApp is one of the most popular apps in this world and almost everyone prefers to contact with another person through WhatsApp, these days. For the unknown, WhatsApp started as a basic instant-messaging app and now it has become a one-stop solution for media and documents sharing along with the fact that WhatsApp Payments and WhatsApp Businesses are also bringing more ways to use this Facebook-owned platform.

Many believe that starting a WhatsApp chat without saving the number is not possible. This is a particularly annoying issue since there are times when you need to send a one-off WhatsApp message to a person who isn’t in your contacts. And to add the person needlessly to your contacts just to send that single, one-time message is a bit too much, right? However, there is a way in which you can send WhatsApp message to a number which is not saved in your phonebook.

What is the solution then, you might be wondering?

Ok, we will show you how to send WhatsApp messages to someone who is not in your contacts. What’s even better is the fact that this method doesn’t require you to install third-party apps or worry about whether you’re phone is running iOS or Android.

How to send a WhatsApp message to someone not in your contacts list

We are sure that once you complete the process, you will get used to it and it will be easier the next time you do it.

In many other articles they will tell you to open browser windows, type strange addresses, copy and paste nonsense urls… 😳 forget all that. Simply access our WhatsApp link generator, type the phone number of the person you want to contact, write a message if you want and hit Generate link, then click on the Open on WhatsApp button and the 🪄magic will appear.

You will automatically be redirected to WhatsApp with the ‘start chatting’ window to the person you entered in your phone. 🎉

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