WhatsApp inbox Multi-agent

A powerful WhatsApp chat designed for companies and teams that arises from the union of Manycontacts + Joinchat.

Turn conversations into conversions

With this CRM for WhatsApp, you’ll turn every chat into a business opportunity. Take advantage of the 20 tools specifically designed to expand your business directly from WhatsApp. Join the more than 3,000 companies that are already maximizing their results with this platform. Start now for free and take your sales to the next level!
joinchat inbox dashboard

Multi-Agent Unified Inbox

Optimize the management of your conversations by assigning chats to the right team members. Organize specific groups for sales, customer service, and day or night shifts, facilitating more effective and transparent collaboration. Our tool allows you to keep all communications under control, improving response and customer satisfaction.

joinchat inbox chat

Each Customer at Their Corresponding Stage

The more control and visibility you have over your sales pipeline, the greater the revenue you will achieve. Our system allows you to create multiple sales funnels that represent the specific processes of your company, such as Sales, Customer Service, Workshop, Incident Management, and Warranty Management, among others. This organization not only improves efficiency but also enables a more transparent and collaborative management of communications.

joinchat inbox pipeline

Small or Large Teams

Your entire team can interact with customers using your WhatsApp number or WhatsApp Business (no API needed) simultaneously and remotely. Distribute your chats among agents to balance the workload or differentiate your business lines, thus facilitating management and collaboration.

joinchat inbox team

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