🚨Important notice: This legal document has been automatically translated from the original in Spanish. It has a strictly informative purpose. For any controversy or legal dispute, the original in Spanish will be taken as a reference.


1.1. The following document (hereinafter referred to as “TERMS OF USE”) regulates the use of the website (hereinafter “the WEBSITE”) managed by Slurp & Cream SL (hereinafter “CREAME”).

1.2. The WEBSITE is the property of CREAME, a company with its registered office at Calle Cabañeros 10, 45111 Cobisa, Toledo, and is registered in the Toledo Register of Companies on 14 December 2012, volume 1557, sheet 1, entry 1 with page TO-34548, with VAT number B45790458.

1.3 If you wish to contact CREAME, you may do so at the following e-mail address:


2.1. The use of the WEBSITE grants the condition of user of the WEBSITE (from now on, “USER”) and implies the acceptance of all the clauses of the version of these TERMS OF USE published at the time when the user accesses the WEBSITE. Consequently, the USER should read these TERMS OF USE carefully each time he visits and intends to use the WEBSITE, since they may have been modified.

2.2. CREAME reserves the right to modify these TERMS OF USE whenever it deems appropriate, and therefore the USER is obliged to review them periodically to check the current version.

2.3. The general application of these TERMS OF USE does not exclude the possibility that certain services of the WEBSITE or some of its features are subject to special conditions of use. In that case, the USER will be informed and his acceptance will be required before activating such services or features.


3.1. The main purpose of the WEBSITE is the dissemination, sale, promotion and support of the WordPress Plugin, developed by CREAME and the Add-ons that complement it.

3.2. CREAME may – depending on the development and evolution of its products and services – expand or modify this WEBSITE, including or replacing new services, activities or content.



4.1.1. A USER is considered to be any person of legal age who accesses the WEBSITE for any reason, without any previous registration being necessary for them to assume such condition, nor is it required to send personal data.

4.1.2. Access to the WEBSITE is provided to the USER only for consulting, searching or publishing information.


4.2.1. The USER knows and accepts that the contents, functionalities or services of the WEBSITE are offered “as is” and without any kind of guarantee. In the event that you decide to use or disseminate them, you agree to do so at your own risk.

4.2.2 The USER knows and accepts that use of the WEBSITE and the services offered by CREAME implies acceptance of these TERMS OF USE and agrees to use them appropriately and without committing any illegal activity, violating the rights of third parties, infringing intellectual property laws or any other applicable legislation.

4.2.3. The USER undertakes not to introduce or spread any virus on the WEBSITE – or on the computer infrastructure that supports it – that may cause damages to CREAME and its users.

4.2.4. The USER agrees and undertakes not to carry out any action that may damage the reputation and good name of CREAME, its employees and partners.



CREAME is not liable to the USER for the malfunctioning of the website, nor for the interruption, delay, slowness, loss or disconnection of communications and message transmission. CREAME does not guarantee or take responsibility for the continuous, constant and uninterrupted operation of the website.


Despite CREAME’s efforts to implement the highest security standards, CREAME is not responsible, either directly or indirectly, for damages of any kind caused to the user as a result of the presence of viruses or other elements in the services and content of the WEBSITE. Nor shall it be liable for damages and losses caused to the USER due to access errors and errors in access, connections, transmissions or interruptions of the service without just cause, due to intrusions, computer viruses, mass mailings from third parties or where these causes are due to situations outside the WEBSITE, such as defects in the USER’s connection device, deficiencies in their connection, internal viruses or communication problems of the user’s telephone provider, or when these are due to a major cause.


CREAME shall not be liable, either directly or indirectly, for any damage of any kind caused to the USER as a result of his or her visit to other pages and websites connected to the WEBSITE by means of links (“electronic links”), as it has neither the technical nor the legal capacity to control or supervise the content of these external websites. The USER assumes all the risks derived from the use of such links and the visit to other pages and/or web applications.


5.4.1. CREAME is not liable for acts performed by third parties outside the system, including the breach of security measures, acts against the USER such as the sending of computer viruses, mass advertising or spam, commercial e-mails, interruption of service and access to messages.

5.4.2. CREAME undertakes to adopt the technical, organisational and legal measures to protect communications from and to the WEBSITE required by law. Notwithstanding the foregoing, CREAME cannot guarantee or insure them and therefore assumes no liability associated with a security breach in its systems by a third party in bad faith.

5.4.3. CREAME shall not be liable for any damage caused by acts of God or by inadequate performance of the website or its services for reasons beyond its control. This may include the following non-exhaustive list: malfunctioning of Internet operators, incorrect configuration of the user’s computer or insufficient capacity of the computer system to support the content and scope of the information displayed on the portal.


6.1. CREAME is the owner of all intellectual and commercial rights that allow the use of the domain, registered trademarks, logos, applications, information and other works related to the WEBSITE, technology and content associated with it, or has obtained the necessary permission and licenses to do so.

6.2. The contents of the WEBSITE, – including designs, applications, texts, images and source code (collectively referred to as “CONTENT”) – are protected by intellectual property rights.


The USER knows and accepts the Privacy Policy of the WEBSITE.