Joinchat, work in progress

You have asked us for a chatbot, and a solution to create funnels. What if we give you everything together?

Looking at our photos from the last WordCamp EU in Porto you might think that we just ate, drank and had fun with friends, but we were also working… a little bit.


It was there that we started working on the idea of creating an add-on to solve some recurring problems that you have been asking us about. We want this new solution to be able to “qualify leads” by itself, so that it avoids access to contact channels to users who are lost or have little value, thus saving the valuable time of support teams. But we also want it to allow you to create a recurring Q&A chatbot that is so versatile that it can be customized at the page level, so that you can create funnels that help users get to conversion and sales pages, without the need for a real person to interact with them.

Questions and answers only?

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No, because if you want to do something much more spectacular you can combine it with CTA Extras, to be able to add gifs, Iframes, or for example videos. Imagine that you record these regular answers in video format, even with demonstrations of your product or service, create the funnels for each section of your website and you have it ready, users will see how at any time, even if you are resting, you can solve their doubts in person.

The possibilities are great, it’s just a matter of letting your imagination run wild. In addition, the plugin will be able to export and import these “chatbot-funnels”, which internally will be simple code, to make it easier for you to create templates, or to share with other users.

New Chat Funnels functionality

Help your leads to navigate quickly through a guided flow with CTA buttons, in which visitors are qualified, filtered and segmented through their tastes so they can go through the selection process faster and get to the product detail page or sale of the service where they can finally be served, that’s where you play and where the conversion takes place.

Check out a demo of how it works 👇

Would you like to see it live? We have an example implemented in

Isn’t it cool…? 😍. If you are already interested, you can join the waiting list.

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