Random Phone

A contact button with multiple WhatsApp numbers.

addon random phone

Avoid collapsing your support chat

Add as many WhatsApp numbers as you have support or sales staff. Your customers will randomly access each of them distributing the workload evenly.

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No agents configured, simply add as many phones as you want

Creates departments or commercial group

Combined with Support Agents Random Phone allows multiple phone numbers to be assigned to each agent, thus becoming a department. When a customer clicks to contact the system randomly selects one of the phone numbers in that department.

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With agents configured, you can convert it into departments with as many numbers as you need.

On each page, unlimited numbers

You can even use it at page, post, product… level to insert as many contact numbers as you want, there is no limit and you can select different country codes.

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random phone 03
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Joinchat offers an optimal contact solution for your users

Companies around the world are using it successfully, and there are more of us every day.

To ensure that you get the most out of all the features of our plugin, we have prepared a detailed technical documentation where you will find guides, tips and answers to the most frequently asked questions.

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Open WhatsApp
Knock knock
Scan the code
πŸ”‚ Random Phone automatically assigns the support profile among several available ones and distributes it to the sales team to be more productive.
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