joinchat team

Joinchat team

Running the machines are three friends with clear ideas and a lot to learn.

We are three Spanish friends, like Don Quixote we were born in La Mancha. We met at the beginning of the century and since then we have worked designing and developing projects with WordPress, as well as setting up our own projects and companies. In some occasions we have fallen, and as a winning team, we have risen again.

We have been working remotely since 2006 and after more than 15 years together, we believe that what is really important is that we still wake up every day hungry, with the same enthusiasm to learn, to make the idiot, to enjoy this path and to give the best of each one of us.


Javi (Bob)

🫰 Marketing guy. If you want to know how to get the most out of Joinchat, Javi is your man. He came up with the idea to create the plugin in 2018, on a daily basis it helps many clients improve their conversions.


Paco (Stuart)

🤞 The development dude. The guy responsible for making Joinchat do magic, for making the most complicated things seem simple. A guy who doesn’t even get nervous when he publishes an update for more than half a million websites.


David (Kevin)

🤌 Il designer. The genie with the lamp who grants wishes. The thinking head of the project, the one who approves everything if he only puts it to the test. He never rests, thinking how to keep simplifying one more turn of the screw.

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