How to improve lead generation

Joinchat is the WordPress plugin that connects your website with instant messaging applications such as WhatsApp and many other channels. In addition there are other irresistible features of the premium version converted into the ideal complement to impact, attract and attract the attention of users browsing the pages of your web project or online business.

The battle for attention

It is becoming increasingly difficult to attract new visitors. Nowadays, there is such a diverse offer that we could consider it a real challenge. Once they load the website on their device, we start to fight against the lack of attention or the absent-mindedness of the buyer who faces multiple stimuli on a daily basis. The capture of your potential customers is increasingly scarce, because the first visual impact is made in just a few seconds and nothing surprises them; a precious time to arouse their interest, that moment when users scroll (even without reading) or browse without flinching and you need them to wake up. That instant in which they get to make a very quick opinion of your website while they slide their fingers in an infinite scroll looking for something that interests them to make their decision, with which it can be concluded that getting the attention of your leads is very complicated.

A floating button to dominate them all

Joinchat is so original and simple that it behaves on your website as a disruptive communication element in both desktop and mobile versions. We must understand that it is essential to make the visitor’s reptilian brain react, the one that values its own tastes, personal preferences and only appreciates the details that have a good impact on it. The one that makes the best decisions needs, above all, a quick and differentiating strategic contrast that does not let him think too much and that is capable of hooking him. When users navigate on autopilot, we must help them to follow the marked path in their mind and to quickly choose between some relevant options to continue on the path to conversion. Once guided and recommended, they will finally feel at ease and comfortable on the sales page where they will start a friendly and trusting conversation with the supplier. A support service must create a close and safe environment in which the customer must receive (almost) immediate assistance of proximity. The friendly button will be there, it will remain impassive (in a non-intrusive way) accompanying him at all times.

Each page can have different CTAs

Did you know that you can configure the call to action displayed from the CTA window of each WordPress publication? Yes, it is possible, whether it is from a page, post, product, CPT, category or tag at a custom level easily and affordably integrated at the admin. The message of the CTA window on the home page or a landing page does not have to have the same content as the one on the sales page and the argument must be adapted at all times to direct the leads where you want them to go and make them feel with text, images, animated GIFs or videos what are the relevant promotions with suggestive messages and take them quickly through links to the sales pages, in fact it is there where the conversion takes place. Remember that you could also customize the appearance of different sales or support agents depending on the page you are visiting.

Drives the lead through the sales funnel

lead funnel
Illustration from AI with Midjourney

Selling is a refined technique and an art of seduction, not a simple catalog with good offers. Good support should help to direct the lead through the sales funnel. The moment you internalize how to develop an internal linking strategy you can project its great potential and you will get better results with the tools we provide you. Think about it, if you manage to take your leads in a direct and daring way, from the home page or from the landings to the sales pages, you will surprise them with a WOW. Remember that you can introduce an irresistible promotion, with descriptive text, a cart link with a discount code applied, a button with an internal link, a funny animated GIF or a powerful embedded video. All this happens right when we click or hover the mouse over the “magnet” button. At that moment, the CTA window pops up and voilà… and we let its content grab us.

How to guide leads through a dynamic flow

Do you even know your customers’ thoughts? The vast majority of your customers’ decisions are not conscious. It is not about studying cognitive neuroscience, but about knowing their FAQs and identifying their fears and emotions when they are served, because that can affect their buying habits. Don’t forget that consumers don’t end up remembering what we told them, but how we made them feel and the user experience they received. Anticipate potential customers’ questions, it is very logical not to know what to answer them all. To solve this, help them choose what their interests are and let them decide what they prefer.

Among the more than hundreds of thousands active Joinchat installations, you can still see free users who limit themselves to configuring the plugin with basic settings. That is, they only include the phone number with a direct link to the WhatsApp account for their prospects to write them anything, but be careful! As soon as you have some traffic, generated by an Ads campaign, social networks or a page well positioned in the Google SERP, they will most likely start peppering you with questions without mercy. Think that you could qualify your leads, inviting them to remain attentive and feel stimulated by adding an attractive message aligned with your commercial proposal and prevent them from writing to you for any reason, wasting your effective and productive time, especially leaving direct support until the end.

Help them to navigate quickly through a guided flow with CTA buttons, in which visitors are filtered and segmented according to their tastes so that they can go through the selection process more quickly and reach the product detail page or service sales page where they can finally be served, that is where you play and where the conversion occurs.

Would you like to see it live? We have an example developed in https://notif.join.chat/

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