First and foremost, we are people

Technology should help to make society more friendly, closer, more humane. People have the right to receive adequate assistance and that support does not suffocate us. If a chatbot answers our questions, it should be to help us solve doubts or direct us to a specific site. We need more common sense in this world and we do not need our brains to be overwhelmed without being able to digest a multitude of inputs and stimuli received in just minutes to make instant decisions.

We are going to show you what happened to us when we arrived at a website and the floating button directed us to the conversation of a stream in a real chat. Imagine you open WhatsApp and what you see here happens to you, wouldn’t you feel overwhelmed by this nonsense?

By mismanagement of the flow builder, our prospects can lose their patience. And it is normal, the indiscriminate use of messages through an automatic flow, can lead to generate cognitive distortions when it comes to processing information in customers. In reality, with a user experience like this, the objectives of attraction, qualification, segmentation and conversion are not achieved.

Remember that due to the already evident climate change, we also need to stop overheating server processors. Sending a WhatsApp alone requires 0.2 g of CO₂. Imagine those that are worthless.


Be careful because sometimes these things happen

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