CRM for WhatsApp Business

CRM integration with WhatsApp

Since WhatsApp has become a preferred application for user support, many of us have encountered a problem, when going from being a simple manager to having a support team is not enough to use the WhatsApp Business or WhatsApp web application. Those of us who work with teams of more than two people need a ticketing software, an inbox where we receive all the messages that users send and can manage them efficiently. WhatsApp web is a good option if only one person attends a WhatsApp number, but if you need your team to manage user messages you will soon find that you will need more powerful management software, a WhatsApp CRM.

In order to manage your support team through WhatsApp you need a CRM with the official WhatsApp Business API

The most common needs in a support team are:

  • Support agents need to exchange tickets with each other.
  • Manage the status of each ticket, open, resolved, expired, waiting…
  • A manager can follow up on the agents, the conversations, to evaluate the work of the team.
  • Store the contacts to create a database.
  • Automate certain messages such as welcome, waiting queue or absence time.
  • Chat Bot or Frequently Asked Questions functions.
  • Automatic message dissemination and updates or alerts.
  • A mobile App to be able to attend from anywhere.
  • Access to the official API to avoid legal problems.

It is important to know that this type of service at this time has a high price, although once you try it and see the conversion data, you stop seeing it as an expense, and you realize that it is an investment. In the market today there are several options, there are more complex and others more simple, the functionalities are diverse, so it is important that you find the one that best suits your real needs.

We have created a comparison table taking into account the list of needs that we had previously marked, check and compare, we use Wati, because the quality/price/functionality ratio is the best on the market, but you may need to add support through other channels (Telegram, Twitter, Messenger, WeChat…) and more complex functions, Trengo will then be your best option. There is also TimelinesAI – Shared Inbox for Whatsapp that enables you to connect and manage multiple Whatsapp numbers at once in one place. If it’s important for you to be able to manage group chats, TimelinesAI supports groups as well.

Official API
WAB Inbox
API Setup
Targeted Broadcast
iOS & Android App
*All prices calculated for annual subscriptions

WhatsApp Business greeting message

Remember that when you use one of these CRMs the management of your potential customers is different from the traditional way with your standard WhatsApp phone.

You will need a new phone number and contract the WhatsApp API with Facebook Business through these authorized developers.

If you want to be more productive, you will need to have your welcome messages and auto-replies filter out your potential customers and direct them to the appropriate support agent by assigning them the most appropriate support profile. Or through the use of rules, chatbots and flows to work efficiently by automating repetitive manual tasks.

The most important thing when managing a support channel through WhatsApp is that customers become part of the system and that, as you are able to extract their data in the chat conversations, you complete their personal data so that in a new visit you can identify them in the future. It does not always convert the first time.

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