Why using messenger marketing in your online business?

Messenger marketing is kind of like email marketing, but with way better results…

  • 50-90% open rates 💥
  • 25-50% click-through rates 💥
  • 3-5x higher conversion rates 💥

Joinchat and Bothelp have a partnership

Chatbots help automate the process of many customer service requests and functions on a chatting platform, such as WhatsApp. It allows customers to message rather than having to worry about waiting for a customer service representative to answer their call.

Why BotHelp?

BotHelp is the leading no-code chatbot builder for WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook and Viber to grow your online business, automate communication with clients, acquire new customers, increase sales and automate support, chatting, broadcasting and bots – all in one place!

  1. Multi-platform chatbot builder
    Write chat content once and talk to your customers directly on the messaging apps they already use!
  2. Easy like Sunday morning
    No-code platform – build your bot in 5 minutes.
  3. Automatic sales funnel 24/7
    Engage, qualify and convert your leads at any time of the day.
  4. Perfect for online schools
    Designed to make your edtech business work, with a proven track record of projects.
  5. Simplify the buying process
    Sell products, book appointments, nurture leads, capture contact info and build relationships – all through messenger.
  6. Create your customer database
    Get detailed analytics on conversions and traffic sources, segment and manage your subscriber base.

New opportunities with BotHelp in WhatsApp

  • Grow your subscriber base 
    All your clients, once subscribing to the messenger, stay with you forever. A huge advantage of all instant messengers is that you will keep the user’s contacts, even if the person did not answer all your questions.
  • Manage contacts
    Make lead segmentation directly on the messenger, find all the necessary data and transfer it to CRM for further work.
  • Support customers on WhatsApp 24/7 
    Offer support on an entirely new level: let your customers ask questions directly on WhatsApp in real-time and automate customer service with chatbots.
  • Team inbox for WhatsApp
    Allow your customers to talk to you on their favourite messaging app with a multi-agent customer support tool. Leave no answer without response. Tags, custom fields, auto and saved replies, and more tools are available for your sales or support team.
  • Automate sales funnel and cut costs
    Transfer your call center to a chatbot that works without human intervention. Build sequences and chatbots to automate the sales or lead qualification process – without coding. Bots can help you give a coupon, ask common questions or share content.
  • Capture leads and accelerate sales
    Link your ads, website and social media profiles directly to a conversation, and help to simplify the buying process for both you and your customers.
  • Broadcast messages
    Send broadcast messages on WhatsApp: shipping updates, delivery reminders, payment reminders and other notifications. Broadcasts can be sent immediately or scheduled for a specific date and time for a specific audience.
  • WhatsApp Message templates and buttons
    Use message templates to send notifications and broadcasts to subscribers. Add interactive message buttons to increase conversion and click-to-rate.
  • Company name on WhatsApp
    The company name is displayed on chats instead of a phone number. The check mark can be provided upon a request to WhatsApp Inc.

Next steps

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