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Join.Chat is developed for community driven products. Аttract, analyze, and activate reputable members.
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Welcome to JoinChat

Every cryptocurrency is a community.

Crypto audiences fall into specific segments: devs, product owners, traders, nodes, miners, stakers, watchers, voters, validators, dispute resolvers, hubs, network routers and so on. No specific tool can solve all of the issues of an audience while creating features carrying real value at the same time.

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How JoinChat Works

JoinChat is born to manage community.
  • A blog, social media integration, and reputation-based listing that is achieved rather than bought. All in one app.
  • Create groups and channels based on objectives, languages, and interests.
  • Try functionality that is suitable for the constant distribution of project information.
  • Qualitative and behavioral analysis of communities for advertising and audience interest evaluation purposes.
  • Try a cloud data room to dive deeper into the specifics of your project.
  • Assess the project’s success based on the involvement, loyalty, and scope of your community.
  • The concepts of content moderation and chat room segmentation, community analysis tools, built-in marketing tools, and the ability to sell tokens on the platform.
  • Present your project the way you want to - landing, presentation, lightpapers, teasers.
  • The number of token buyers interested in funding projects related to cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology.
  • Loyal participants provide tangible benefits to project teams who care for the fate of a token post emission.

Look how communities are growing.

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JoinChat Ecosystem

The Join.Chat unites Projects, Communities, and the Join Chat Foundation. It is an ecosystem, in which the JOIN currency circulates. Ecosystem participants behave in a decentralized manner.
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How we blockchained the two main problems of modern blockchain projects.

With the help of blockchain technology we solved two current issues - the problem of individual trust among the members of the community, and the problem of trust for blockchain projects. We developed a reputation system for members of the community and the projects themselves. The reputation scores are stored on the blockchain and cannot be changed by any party.
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  • Key Features of

  • Listing

    Listing that can not be bought: the karma of all members of the community is summarized and determines the overall level of community karma that affects the rating in the overall listing of the JoinChat projects

    Binance Coin
    func_6 Protocol Financier Protocol higher karma Finance
  • Reputation

    Usage of blockchain to calculate and record the reputation of a particular user, who completed a task in the community

  • API

    API usage for working with third-party services - blog platforms, forums, social networks, mailing lists and more

    api C oinB a s e M e di u m MailChimp Ethereum
  • Automated bounty

    Automated management of bounty and airdrop campaign member relations: task completition verifications, efficiency evaluations, token payouts.

  • Advertising

    The possibility of a massive centralized and transparent purchase of advertising for crypto projects on the background of ad bans on social networks, search engines, media and on forums.

    advertising S y dn e y A g e t o S y dn e y 30 S y dn e y 50
  • Founder’s Reward

    A well-crafted system of rewarding the founders of the community with JOIN tokens.

  • Collaboration

    Access to a worldwide community network. Find the best devs, experts, community managers, and evangelists around the globe.

    07 T ime 0 50,000 100,000 Members Before Token sale Post Token sale

Product Roadmap

First Half of 2018

First Half of 2018

  • Chat frame with separate channels and project info
  • Communication channel with the project’s founders and support service
Second Half of 2018

Second Half of 2018

  • Capability to register projects and channels, invite users to the channels, as well as to add descriptions and documents
  • IOS and Android versions
  • Projects listing
  • Capability to collect cryptocurrencies within the project
First Half of 2019

First Half of 2019

  • Integration of Blockchain Reputation System
  • Reputation for users and communities
  • Advertising platform launch
Second Half of 2019

Second Half of 2019

  • Analytics systems launch
  • Rtb systems launch
  • Ad targeting and audience purchase features

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does the Blockchain make JC better?

    Blockchain is different from other technology due to the fact that it can be utilized to create business models which were previously improbable. Blockchain technology and JC allows for user anonymity to be retained, while providing the ability to conduct trusted communication and transactions without intermediary (middlemen, third-party) involvement. We plan on using Zero Knowledge technology.
  • How do the tokens work?

    Tokens are needed in three cases.
    1) For the purchase of additional platform functionality (increase channel quantity, amount of storable information, access to expanded analytical tools and other).
    2) For the purchase of targeted advertisements in order to attract valuable community members.
    3) Internal community voting.
    4) As rewards for community founders.
  • Why not do the same thing using ETH?

    The Ethereum network used for the RTB system will be overly expensive, millions of dollars. We are evaluating the possibility of forking EOS or other Blockchains, wherein nodes will not require rewards.
  • How do you plan to enter the market?

    We see JC as a B2B instrument. We will work with diligent startups, ones in which the product depends on the community. More projects equate to a greater audience. A common audience is beneficial for everyone involved – users will be able to shift between communities. More so, we plan providing a white label for web based products and integrate JC in manner in which products will not lose their audience while migrating to a new product.
  • What is a reputation system and why will it change the community building market?

    In order to create a self-regulating environment, a system of checks and balances is necessary within the product. One such system will be called User Karma and Community Karma. The user karma determination matrix will be kept secret, but it will be based on the following factors: user comment rating attributed by other users, quantity of written messages, quantity of unread messages, bounty participation, referral program participation, memberships in private communities, possession of JC tokens, as well as other factors. Karma will aid in fending off bots, scammers, and morons.
  • What is the JC business model?

    JC has three revenue streams.
    A) Commissions for placing advertisements within communities.
    B) Drawing profits from the sale of additional functionality: increase channel quantity, amount of stored information, access to expanded analytics, increase of community member quantity, as well as other features.
    C) The Sale of tokens.
  • How are you better than Telegram and other messengers?

    Our main differentiator from TG is that Telegram is a communication environment (p2p dialog interface), but JC is a communication network, created for community development and connections within it based on a chat, forum, blog, and reputation system. It’s a web 3.0 product. Additionally, messengers are focused on their own platform, JC, however, is ready for integration with other projects.
  • Why is Telegram not weeded out by another product?

    The success of any messenger is tied to being the go-to choice for its audience. We know of many different messengers that are more convenient, secure, and fast. But can’t weed out those with poorer characteristics, due to the fact that they hit the market first. JC plans on becoming the first platform created for communication between cryptocommunities in all countries in which there’s an interest present towards crypto and Blockchain technology.
  • Are there government crackdown risks?

    JC s a public messenger in which private p2p communication, with the exception of cases in which a user wants to contact project founders directly and private communication channels, are absent. The platform’s goal is not to hide correspondences, and it does not present tools that can stimulate the creation of illegal organizations.
  • What value is there for a regular user?

    а) Get rewards for activity completion
    b) Search for jobs
    c) Directly sell their knowledge to projects
    d) search for valuable and rare information for better decision-making
    e) join a community of growth-oriented people that know how to lead the decentralization revolution.

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