The best alternative to Calendly 🤩

Discover why TidyCal + Joinchat outperform Calendly in the calendar app showdown.

The best alternative to Calendly 🤩

In today’s digital world, efficiency and simplicity are paramount. The tools we use daily to manage our schedules and meetings should be intuitive and offer features that save us time and effort. While Calendly has been a dominant player in the meeting scheduling space, TidyCal has emerged as a powerful and affordable alternative. But, what makes TidyCal a better choice? Let’s find out.

✌️ Benefits of Implementing TidyCal with Joinchat

Simplicity and ease of use: Unlike other tools that can be overly complex, TidyCal offers a straightforward and simple interface, perfect for those looking for a hassle-free solution.

Calendar connections: While Calendly provides 6 calendar connections in its professional plan, TidyCal surpasses it with 10 calendar connections per account.

Integrations: TidyCal not only integrates with major calendar platforms but also offers integrations with Zapier, further expanding its capabilities.

Scheduling flexibility: With TidyCal, you can customize availability by day, add your own colors, and set personalized email reminders.

Automatic translations: A unique feature of TidyCal is its ability to automatically adapt your booking page and booking emails to the client’s local language.

Affordable pricing: Unlike monthly subscriptions of other tools, TidyCal offers a Lifetime rate of $29, making it an economical option for those looking to cut recurring costs.

⚙️ How to implement TidyCal with Joinchat?

The integration between TidyCal and Joinchat is straightforward. Firstly, it’s essential to have the Premium version of Joinchat, as TidyCal’s calendar will display directly in the chat window. This way, users of your website can select the day and time slots for their appointment.

Additionally, it’s possible to integrate TidyCal into a chatbot. Thus, users can choose from various options and, if they wish, access the calendar at the end. This integration is feasible through Chat Funnels. Whether you want to insert it directly into the chat window or prefer to use a chatbot, you’ll simply need to use the following Markdown code:
{IFRAME 500}

→ View a live example

🔖 Final Summary

TidyCal isn’t just another appointment management tool; it’s a robust and affordable solution that has proven superior in many aspects compared to its competitors, like Calendly. With its focus on simplicity, a wide range of features, and an unbeatable price, TidyCal stands out as the ideal choice for professionals and businesses looking to maximize efficiency without breaking the bank. If you haven’t tried TidyCal yet, now’s the time to do so. Make the switch and experience the difference for yourself!

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