Chat triggers: Links and buttons

Maximize the effectiveness of your chat strategies in WordPress with Joinchat, using links and buttons as triggers to capture your visitors’ attention and guide them toward a productive conversation.

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Joinchat has a not-so-well-known feature that will allow you to launch the chat window or open WhatsApp directly from custom elements you create. We call this “Triggers,” and they give you full control over the plugin’s behavior.

✌️ Benefits of using triggers

Greater control over the User Experience (UX): Joinchat triggers give you the power to interact with our plugin from elements external to it, such as menu buttons, links in the middle of a paragraph, or clicks on images. You no longer need to create links like “…” imagine using the potential of Joinchat without the user needing to click on the floating button.

Launch WhatsApp or show the chat window: You can even choose whether you want the user to be directed straight to WhatsApp or to show them the chat window, presenting them with a chatbot or helping them reach a conversion page.

Customized conversations: Use triggers to initiate chats with predefined messages. For example, you can create a link that, when clicked, opens a WhatsApp chat with a message like “Hi, I am interested in [Product/Service].”

⚙️ How to use Joinchat triggers?

To create a WhatsApp button in the Gutenberg editor, add a button block, once customized, you only need to add the link #joinchat if you want to show the chat window (or launch WhatsApp if there is no CTA), or #whatsapp to launch WhatsApp directly upon clicking.

Remember that you can use this not only on a button, for example, you can add it to any text link, here is an example, also to a link of an image, it’s very simple and gives you many possibilities.

🎾 Extra ball: If you want to use the triggers like a PRO, be sure to visit the full documentation, where we tell you how to create menu buttons, buttons with Elementor, and triggers upon scrolling on the page.

🔖 Final Summary

Chat triggers, like links and buttons, not only make it easier for users to start conversations with your business but also allow you to effectively guide these conversations. Implementing these strategies with Joinchat not only improves user interaction but can also help you convert these interactions into tangible conversions, especially if you leverage the advanced features available in the Joinchat premium plans.

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