Avoid SPAM in WhatsApp Business with Chat Funnels

Overwhelmed by the constant flow of irrelevant messages on WhatsApp Business? It’s time to change the game rules. Discover how Joinchat and its innovative Chat Funnels add-on can become your best allies in fighting SPAM and effectively filtering your communications.

Discover how Joinchat's Chat Funnels plugin for WordPress helps you filter SPAM and optimize WhatsApp Business

✌️ Benefits of Using Chat Funnels

  1. Precise and Effective User Filtering: Chat Funnels allows you to pre-qualify users. Through strategic questions, it determines who gains access to your WhatsApp, ensuring interactions are exclusively with relevant and interested users for your business.
  2. Maximization of Time and Resources: By eliminating the noise of unwanted messages, Chat Funnels allows you to focus on conversations that truly drive your business. This optimization results in more efficient time management and a notable improvement in your support team’s productivity.
  3. Enriched and Personalized User Experience: With the ability to design funnels that align with your brand’s identity and values, you will offer a more engaging and relevant experience for your audience. This not only improves customer satisfaction but also strengthens the connection with your brand, fostering a lasting and meaningful relationship.

⚙️ How is it Used?

E-commerce Use Case: An online store in Spain was experiencing a high volume of support requests via WhatsApp from users in Latin America, despite not shipping to those countries. To solve this issue, they implemented a Chat Funnel that initially asked users about their location. Only those confirming residence in Spain could proceed to access WhatsApp support contact. This system not only significantly reduced the number of irrelevant queries but also allowed the store to focus its customer service efforts on its target market, improving efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Virtual Personal Trainer Service: They received personal training requests from users with fitness goals not aligned with their specialty. They created a Chat Funnel that filtered users based on their fitness goals (weight loss, muscle building, etc.), connecting via WhatsApp only with those seeking their specific type of training.

Travel Agency for Exotic Destinations: The agency was overwhelmed by requests for standard trips, outside their niche. They implemented a Chat Funnel that inquired about destination and adventure preferences, directing to WhatsApp only those interested in their exclusive exotic destination packages.

Digital Marketing Consultancy: This consultancy received many requests from small businesses that could not afford their services. They implemented a Chat Funnel that first assessed the user’s budget and digital marketing needs, facilitating contact via WhatsApp only with businesses that matched their ideal client criteria.

🔖 Final Summary

The Chat Funnels add-on from Joinchat is an essential tool for any WhatsApp Business user on WordPress. It not only improves the quality of interactions but also protects your business from SPAM and optimizes your time. By filtering users before they reach WhatsApp, you ensure dedicating your attention to those who truly add value to your company.

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