Tips for using WhatsApp during Black Friday

Christmas sales start earlier and earlier every year

It seems that we are already predisposed in November to go shopping online with credit card in hand, ready to use Google and buy cheaper. Our brain compulsively reminds us that it’s time to save, to hunt for the bargain, the now or never opportunity, to get our desired pre-Christmas purchases (at the best price and on time) before they fly away.

The market marks 3 interesting dates for wish lists 🔝: 11/11, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but the month has already started to heat up since the end of Halloween. These are days of hot sales to surprise users with “black” newsletters, remarketing campaigns with amazing prices, stock liquidations, outlets, special promotions and discounts with the highest percentage of the year.

Joinchat will help you to make sales faster 

When the user initiates a conversation with Joinchat from your website and you establish a personal relationship with him at the beginning, you are at risk. Remember that you have in your WhatsApp Business welcome and absence messages to be able to attend to them from the first contact, you also have automatic responses to meet their needs or immediately solve their doubts. You know that when you cross several messages in the chat, the probability of securing the sale of the product or service increases. Always remember to ask for a general evaluation of the support received and ask for authorization to send you more commercial information later, if necessary. In the after-sales service, when you are most satisfied with having received your purchase or having been attended by an excellent service, do not hesitate to write to them so that they can add a review or a comment in the product detail page or on Google MyBusiness.

New CTA Extras addon for even greater impact

Take the utmost care of the acquisition and retention process. Just when the user can become a potential customer… Could end up being your new buyer!

Thanks to our new CTA Extras Addon you can be more original and creative capturing the attention of leads or consumers (you can even customize the CTA on each post – page, post or post-post of your website) with a Joinchat CTA window of extended functionalities. This time the add-on is out 🚀. It allows you to add audiovisual elements and manages to show you suggestive messages, such as YouTube videos, images and animated GIFs with irresistible discount promocodes. It even inserts an iframe with a countdown timer for impulsive and satisfying completion of your purchase.

El Addon CTA Extras permite cautivar y atraer el interés de tus usuarios para solicitar asistencia inmediata por WhatsApp y seguramente aumentar la tasa de conversión. Impresiona de forma más persuasiva a tus clientes. Insertar URLs de vídeo, fotos, enlaces, iframes, separadores, código y mucho más… Ya está preparado, listo para poder adquirirlo y usarlo durante el Black Friday, las Navidades y a lo largo del próximo año nuevo.

The CTA Extras Addon allows you to captivate and attract the interest of your users to request immediate assistance via WhatsApp and surely increase the conversion rate. Impress your customers more persuasively. Insert video URLs, photos, links, iframes, separators, code and much more… It’s ready to be purchased and used during Black Friday, Xmas and throughout the coming new year.

5 ways to attract consumers during Black Friday

  1. Be clear and concise with expectations Offer your customers relevant, clear and accurate information about what your sale offers are and how they can redeem or get them. Define in the offer what the RRP was before and the new discounted amount. Create “promocodes” with specific conditions and limit their duration with an expiration date and explain if they will be applied manually or automatically. Explain if the shipping costs are free or if the customer service hours are exceptional and have changed.
  2. Personalized and value-added service: Proximity and proximity Consumers are constantly on the go and want immediate support before they are sure to buy. By WhatsApp you can offer a useful help service and a very personalized assistance. Many people go out on the street and consult their smartphone to see which stores are closest to them. At this time of the year, searches for nearby stores and services skyrocket. Update your Google My Business profile with posts that encourage local search.
  3. Apply competitive prices and show them great ads Customers who came to your site to consult and left, may come back again. The buying process requires up to several exposures until the purchase is concluded. Think that perhaps those who have already bought before may come back to make a new conversion. Use remarketing ads with your custom audiences in Google Ads and Facebook Ads to show them photos of the products and a good data feed in Merchant Center for Shopping to show them incredible offers.
  4. Show readiness and availability Online shopping means paying more attention to the customer. Sending more orders increases the chances of delays, lost or misplaced orders, which in turn generates an increase in the volume of queries. Offer an online chat option via WhatsApp so that consumers can predict when their purchases will be delivered to their doorstep. Keep them informed with estimated delivery dates and, if you can, include a clock with the date and time to indicate the delivery deadline. Do not forget to detail well the conditions of purchase, management of returns and warranties.
  5. Act smart, consumers use different search terms to find what they want. And they use different keywords to target the same concept with slight variations depending on the language. Readjust the search terms in your Google Ads campaigns. Thanks to the Keyword Planner you can discover new relevant keywords and bid estimates to design a more effective search campaign.

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