Best Practices for Opt-In on Joinchat

Discover how to legalize your communication with clients through the best opt-in practices in Joinchat.

tips joinchat opt in

✌️ Advantages of Implementing Opt-In in Joinchat

Opt-in is an essential process in digital communication, especially on platforms like WhatsApp. By implementing it, you get explicit consent from your customers to send them messages, which allows you to avoid legal and privacy issues. Moreover, by receiving your customers’ consent, you increase the likelihood that they interact with your messages, as they have chosen to receive them. This can result in greater effectiveness of your marketing efforts and better return on investment.

⚙️ How to Activate Opt-In in Joinchat?

In the sidebar menu of the WordPress dashboard, go to Joinchat > Settings > General. Scroll down to the “Chat Window” section where you’ll find the subheading “Opt-In Text“. In this field, you should include a text explaining the use you’ll give to the data you’re going to collect, including a link to the Legal Notice, Data Protection, or Terms of Use.

tips joinchat optin configuration

Right after this field you have the “Mandatory Opt-In” checkbox, if you check this option the user will be required to tick an acceptance box, as the contact option will not be enabled without this requirement.

It’s important to follow some recommended practices. Remember to provide clear instructions on how people can opt-out of receiving messages and respect these requests. Lastly, you should be clear about the different types of messages you’ll send, like order updates, relevant offers, and product recommendations.

🔖 Final Summary

Implementing opt-in in Joinchat can be an excellent way to avoid issues with clients. By following the best practices for obtaining opt-in, you can ensure that you are respecting your users’ privacy and using your resources effectively. Opt-in in Joinchat enhances communication with clients, respects their privacy, and is very easy to set up. Remember to be transparent and provide value in each message.

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