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Las Balsas is an exclusive hotel located on the shores of the magical Nahuel Huapi Lake. For more than 25 years it has been hosting guests in search of peace and relaxation.

Villa La Angostura, Argentina

The hotel was originally built in 1988. Since then, its characteristic blue façade has been a reference to the place from the bay, becoming an icon of the place. The years went by and the demands were making the hotel grow in pursuit of a better service. Thus, a new restaurant and its exclusive (and jealous) wine cellar, more rooms and the majestic Spa were added. The property is surrounded by 20 hectares of native forest that is protected in the natural vastness of the Nahuel Huapi National Park. This allows the visitor to enjoy a unique scenic setting. Today Las Balsas is a spacious residence located on the shores of the magical Nahuel Huapi Lake, which for more than 25 years has been hosting guests in search of peace and relaxation. Calm, Courtesy, Character, Cuisine & Charme are the same characteristics that make our service a different experience, highly valued by our visitors. Since 1995 it has been an exclusive member of Relais & Chateaux, the collection of the most refined hotels and restaurants in the world, combining tradition and modernity for the delight of those who love to make their travels the art of living.

Las Balsas’ opinion about Joinchat

Joinchat gave us a huge boost in our objectives and the best thing is that the result was almost instantaneous.

Juan Pablo Alvarez, Business Manager

The goals.

At Las Balsas we wanted to be able to separate restaurant and hotel reservation requests and in both cases accelerate and improve communication and increase conversion rates between interested parties and confirmed reservations. Joinchat gave us a huge boost in both objectives. The best thing was that the result was almost instantaneous.

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Joinchat on the hotel website.

Joinchat´ solution

Today in Balsas we have several points of referral of consultation: 2 for direct booking which are for hotel reservation and for Restaurant reservation. On the other hand, there is a third one to directly attend those who already have a reservation in Balsas and want to make a specific inquiry for their stay. In this way we make communication more efficient by making the sender contact directly with the person in charge who can provide a solution.


The impact

I believe that the tool in relation to lead generation and acquisition has a lot to do with shortening response times. In this case, on one side we have interested parties eager to respond and on the other side, the person who responds quickly is a living human being and not a robot, he generates empathy, so everyone is happy in the chain. The result of this is that it costs less for the interested party to place their trust and convert. We measured the degree of satisfaction of the visitors and 60% of them rated us favorably for having contacted us quickly via WhatsApp. In relation to contacts via web, the site can either complete the form that sends us an email and we answer and JoinChat. Since we incorporated the tool, contacts have increased by 50% compared to the same period of the best year before the pandemic. What did increase with JoinChat is the conversion of contacts via the form, only 1% convert, via JoinChat, the conversion rate in the period measured was 15%.

Automation is fine but the human touch, on our small luxury hotel scale, is a plus valued by our audience.

Juan Pablo’s opinion

The feeling I have is that the Balsas public that visits our site was waiting for this tool on our page. Today the need for response is a point in favor of who responds faster. It defines a sale and generates direct empathy with the guest.

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