Documentation for Svachat Add-on


System requirements

To get the best experience with the latest version of Chatbot Svachat you will need:

  • PHP: 5.3 or higher (7.4 recommended).
  • WordPress: 3.1.0 or higher (5.7 recommended).
  • WP Plugin: 4.1 or higher.

This documentation assumes that you have already installed WordPress and WP Plugin.

Installing Chatbot Svachat

Thank you for purchasing our Add-on Pro. This document will guide you through the entire process of installing and activating Chatbot Svachat on your WordPress site.

Note: Chatbot Svachat is an extension of WP Plugin, so you must have the plugin installed. If you haven’t installed it yet, download it for free from this link. A subscription to the Svachat service is required for the creation of the chatbot and its operation. All technical support for the chatbot will be provided by Svachat.

  1. After buying Chatbot Svachat, visit
  2. Log in with the details you received in the email after purchase.
  3. Once you have logged in, in the left side menu, go to the Downloads section and download the .zip file to your desktop.
  4. Go to the WordPress control panel and click on Plugins > Add New. Choose the zip file you just downloaded. Click install, then activate.

Configure Chatbot Svachat

Our Add-on Chatbot (Svachat) is designed to answer your customers’ recurring questions (FAQ’S) by creating a chatbot that interacts with the user and decides based on the user’s queries. For complex questions the chatbot refers the user to a real agent on WhatsApp or directs their access in another way.

Steps to follow:

Visit the section “publish your chatbot” in the Svachat control panel and write down the customer ID.

To configure the integration, go to the WordPress control panel and click Settings >

In the SVACHAT tab you will find 5 sections.

  1. Client ID: Here you should put the ID that you copied from the Svachat control panel.
  2. Welcome Message: If you check it you will replace the action call defined in the plugin with the welcome message you have set up in Svachat for your chatbot.
  3. Contact Message: Define a text to contact by WhatsApp. When a chatbot response contains this piece of text the conversation will end and WhatsApp contact button will be shown.
  4. Error Message: Defines the message that will be displayed in the chat window in case the Svachat chatbot cannot be contacted for any reason.
  5. Pages: This is a list of IDs separated by commas, representing the pages and sections where the chatbot will be displayed or excluded. If you leave the chatbot empty, it will be displayed throughout the site.

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