Documentation for Support Agents Add-on


System requirements

To get the best experience with the latest version of Support Agents you will need:

  • PHP: 5.3 or higher (7.4 recommended).
  • WordPress: 3.1 or higher (5.6 recommended).
  • WP Plugin: 4.1 or higher.

This documentation assumes that you have already installed WordPress and WP Plugin.

Installing Support Agents

Thank you for purchasing our Add-on Pro. This document will guide you through the entire process of installing and activating Support Agents on your WordPress site.

Note: Support Agents is an extension of WP Plugin, so you must have the plugin installed. If you have not installed it yet, download it for free from this link.

  1. After purchasing Support Agents, visit
  2. Log in with the details you received in the email after purchase.
  3. Once you have logged in, in the left side menu, go to the Downloads section and download the .zip file to your desktop.
  4. Go to the WordPress control panel and click on Plugins> Add New. Choose the zip file you just downloaded. Click install, then activate.

Configure Support Agents

The Support Agent Add-On allows you to add multiple WhatsApp accounts, defining the personal details of each agent’s profile, as well as their working hours. This way customers can choose who they want to talk to.

At a general level

To add and configure Agents, go to the WordPress control panel and click Settings>

  1. The first thing you’ll see is that the Phone field is no longer operational and you’ll be directed to the Agents tab.
  2. In the Message field, you can use the variable {AGENT} which will be replaced by the name of the agent chosen by the user.
  3. Once you access the Agents tab you will be able to see the time zone being used for configuration, which is always that of the site. You must take this into account if you configure timetables of agents that are in another time zone.
  4. Agents Offline. From here you can configure two options: The first one if you want to show the agents out of schedule, take into account that if all the agents are out of schedule the button will not be shown. The second one (as long as the first one is activated) if you want to allow the out of hours agents to be contacted, this will allow the users to start a chat with the agent, although they will be shown that the agent is offline and the time left for it to be operative again.
  5. Agent Card. It is divided in two parts: 👤Datos of the Agent, where you can fill in the name, the department, the phone number and the picture. ⏱Schedule, to mark the days of the week when the agent will be operational, and the time slots. For example: 09:00-14:00 16:00-19:00
  6. To remove an Agent, go to the bottom left of the card and click on Remove Agent.
  7. To create a new Agent use the button in the lower right corner Add Agent. You can add and configure as many agents as you want.
  8. Click the Save Changes button to set the new values indicated.

At Page Level

  1. To set up on a specific page or entry, go to that page and edit it.
  2. On the right side you will find the Metabox where you can customize the Agents, Call to Action, Message, and display options for this particular page.
  3. Finally click on Update.
Show and hide the agents you want to customize for each publication

With Random Phone addon

  1. Support Agents also runs with the automatic assignment system of the Random Phone addon for create Departaments.
  2. Add more phones in the agent’s data and the user will contact a number at random among those available.
  3. Finally click on Save changes to update.
Turn your Support Agents into Departments.

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