JoinChat Ecosystem

  • JoinChat

    SaaS solution that unifies projects, communities and the Join Chat Foundation as an ecosystem regulator. It is also JoinChat Foundation’s responsibility to carry out the first and subsequent Join tokens sales.

  • JoinChat Foundation

    JoinChat Foundation is responsible for the development of the Join Chat platform, the collection of Join tokens from projects for provided paid services.

  • Community

    A community is based on three main pillars: the core, the buyers, and the bounty. The core is a group of loyal, most active members of the community. In JoinChat buyers purchase tokens other products and services. The Bounty pillar is a group of participants, who actively carry out the bounty tasks provided by projects.

  • Project

    Projects are a crucial element of the ecosystem. The primary objective of the projects is to form, manage and monetize their communities on Join Chat. Sell and distribute project tokens while forming and managing communities.

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JoinChat operates

  • Phase 1Project Start

    Project development: the purchase of Join tokens during the token sale events organized by the Join Chat Foundation, the setup of the workspace, publishing of the information regarding the project: landings and data room.

  • Phase 2Community Formation

    Community formation and management - deposition of tokens for bounty motivation, purchase of Join Chat services with tokens, project advertisement in Join Chat channels, the development and launch of bounty campaigns.

  • Phase 3Carrying-out The Token Sale.

    Token sale launch by respective projects, community channels management, paid services integration, project crowdfunding, token allocation among token buyers and bounty hunters.

  • Phase 4Post Marketing And Token Circulation.

    Collection of Join tokens for paid services by the regulator of the ecosystem - the Join Chat Foundation. Partial token burning. Token sales for the remaining part of JOIN tokens.